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Standard Spray booth
Wallboard: Sandwich style EPS
Galvanized steel roof panel.
Basement: Galvanized steel sheet and square steel pipe construction. 2 rows of grids with floor filter & 3 rows of
checkered plates and 2 pcs of ramps.
Door: 3 pcs of front doors with aluminum frame. Size: 3000(w) x 2750(h). 1 pc of emergency door
Air Circulation System: 2x4kw intake fan, 1x5.5kw exhaust fan. BELIMO 20N electric damper.
 Burner: Italy Riello G20 diesel burner, 200000Kcal/h. The heating time 5-7min(20-60c). Max. temperature 80c
Fuel consumption is 4-5kg/vehicle.
Heat Exchanger: Made of stainless steel. The heat exchange rate reaches 85%.
Lighting System: Ceiling light has 24 pcs of LED 6500K. Side light has 16 pcs of LED 6500K
Filtering structure. The primary filter can capture granules larger than 10Ám.
Ceiling filter capture granules bigger than 5Ám. The air cleanliness in the working environment can reaches 98%.
Pollution Control System: Multi-layer fiberglass filter.